Configuring donation payments in Synergetic

You can configure donation payments in Synergetic to allow Community Portal users to make one-off donations to funds and appeals at your organisation. For example, Building Fund.
Donation payments can be made on the Community Portal by clicking the Donations payment option on the Payments tab.

To configure donation payments in Synergetic:

  1. Open Synergetic.
  2. Select Module > System > Online Payments Maintenance from the main menu.
    The Merchants tab of the Online Payments Maintenance window is displayed.
  3. Click the Levels tab. See Online Payments Maintenance - Levels tab.
    The Levels tab of the Online Payments Maintenance window is displayed.
  4. Select the Account Payment category in the Level 1 grid area.
  5. Click in the Level 2 area.
    A new payment category is added to the Level 2 grid area.
  6. Type a description for donations at your organisation in the Portal Description field. For example, Donations.

    This is the description that is displayed for the donation payment item on the Payments tab of the Community Portal.

  7. Select an online payment merchant from the Merchant drop-down list.

    Synergetic currently only supports NAB Transact as an online payment merchant.

  8. Select the DON payment type from the Payment Type drop-down list.
  9. Type a description for the donation payment in the Portal Activity Label field. For example, Donations.

    This description displayed in the pop-up window when the Donations payment option is clicked on the Payments tab.

  10. Click in the Level 3 area.
  11. Type a description in the Description field. For example, Building Fund.
  12. Type a donation amount in the Amount field to set the donation amount for the selected donation option.

    You can select the User can change amount field to allow users to choose how much they donate.

  13. Select a fund from the Fund drop-down list. See luFund lookup table (Finance) in the Finance manual.
  14. Select an appeal from the Appeal drop-down list.

    You must have the GeneralLedgerCode field of the luAppeal lookup table populated for each appeal in order to process donations. See luAppeal lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

  15. Select the first day that the donation payment is displayed on the Community Portal in the Publish From field.
  16. Select the last day that the donation payment is displayed on the Community Portal in the Publish To field.

    You must select Publish From and Publish To dates.

  17. Repeat steps 10 through 16 to add additional donation payment options for the selected donation.

    If multiple Level 3 records are entered they are displayed to the user as a drop-down list.

  18. Repeat steps 4 through 17 to add additional donations.
  19. Click .