Configuring online payment receipts

You can configure online payment receipts to determine how often receipts are processed by Synergetic. Once an online payment receipt is processed you can verify the payment in Cash Receipts Entry. See Verifying online payments using Cash Receipts Entry.

Tip: You can also verify online payments by viewing the Online Receipts List Crystal Report. See Viewing the Online Receipts List report.

To configure online payment receipts:

  1. Configure live receipt creation to instruct Synergetic to create receipts immediately when a successful payment is completed. See Configuring live receipt creation.
  2. Configure scheduled receipt creation to instruct Synergetic to create receipts automatically via a recurring schedule. See Configuring scheduled receipt creation.

Tip: You can enable both live and scheduled receipting. This enables receipts to be processed immediately and any failed receipts to be subsequently re-processed via scheduled receipt creation.