Using the Online Application Portal (Application Dashboard)

You can use the Online application portal to: 

  • Submit either:
    - applications
    - enquiries
    - other forms.

    See Submitting forms.

 Opening the Online application portal

To open the Online application portal: 

  1. Log into the Online application portal. See Logging into the Online application portal.
    The Online application portal is displayed.

Online application portal key fields, links and buttons

Current Applications area fields and buttons



Details of the selected application including: 

  • student name 
  • reference number. 

Status of the application or enquiry. For example, Submitted. 

Tip: You can click the Cancel Application link to cancel an incomplete applications or enquiries. See Cancelling incomplete applications/enquiries.


List of documents currently included with the application or enquiry. 

Note: You can click to manage the documents submitted with the application or enquiry. See Managing application/enquiry documents.



Resume application/
Resume enquiry

Resume the selected incomplete application or enquiry. See Resuming incomplete applications/enquiries

View application/
View enquiry

View the selected complete application or enquiry. See Viewing submitted applications/enquiries.

Pay Now

Launch the Application Fee Payment page. See Processing "pay later" payments.

Note: This button is only displayed if you selected the Pay Later option on the Application Fee page when submitting the application. See Submitting forms. 

Manage documents

Launch the File Upload window to manage the documents linked to the selected application or enquiry. See Managing application/enquiry documents



Cancel application/

Cancel the selected application or enquiry. See Cancelling incomplete applications/enquiries

History area

The History area displays your application and enquiry submission history. 

My Details area fields and links



Name of the current user.


Email address of the current user.



Update details

Click to update your name and email address. See Updating personal details.

Quick links area

You can click the URL links in this area to: 

  • visit websites recommended by your organisation 
  • Submit a new application, enquiry or other form. See Submitting forms.

For information about publishing forms using quick links, see Creating quick links.

Contact us area 

The Contact Us area displays the contact details of your organisation. You can define these details using the Dashboard:ContactUs configuration setting. See Dashboard_ContactUs configuration setting.