Maintaining forms

How to

What you can do

What you can doSee...

You can:

  • Rename forms
  • Duplicate forms
  • Delete forms.
My Forms window

You can determine:

  • form title
  • whether the form is a template
  • form type
  • whether login is required to view the form
  • whether users are prompted to pre-fill information.
Form Settings window - General tab

You can define:

  • publishing period
  • URL where the form is published
  • URL where users are sent after submitting the form.
Form Settings window - Publish tab

You can define either:

  • pay now option
  • pay later option.
Form Settings window - Finance tab
You can define one or more file upload sections.Form Settings window - Document Management tab
You can define the email sent to users when the form is submitted.Form Settings window - Email tab

You can define the branding for the:

  • main form page
  • payment page.
Form Settings window - Branding tab