Logging into the Online application portal

To log into the Online application portal: 

  1. Navigate to the Welcome page of the Online application portal.
    The Welcome page of the Online application portal page is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Login tab is displayed.

    Tip: You can select the Remember me? checkbox to store your details for the next time you login.

  3. Type the email address linked to your account into the Email address field.

  4. Type your password in the Password field.

    Note: You can click Forgot Password? to reset your password. See Resetting your Online application portal password.

  5. Click .
    The Online application portal is displayed.

    Note: You can log out of the Online application portal by clicking .

    Tip: For information about the fields and buttons available on the Online application portal, see Using the Online Application Portal (Application Dashboard).