Importing one or more URL_web links

You can import one or more documents and either:

  • link to the documents on a file server
  • embed them in the Synergetic database.

You can import the documents and attach them to either the:

  • Selected community member, such as a student or a staff member, as described below.
  • Community members who have been tagged earlier.

To import one or more URLs/web links into SynWeb and attach them to the selected community member:

  1. Search for the community member.
    For example, search for the student. See Searching for students in the Current students manual.
    The student's record is displayed on the Student Maintenance window.
  2. Scroll down to the DocMan bar, if required.
  3. Click the DocMan bar. See Current Student Maintenance - DocMan bar in the Current students manual.
    The DocMan bar is expanded.
  4. Click .
    The Attach Document window is displayed.

    Note: The Attach Document window may appear slightly different depending on the browser that you are using.

  5. Select URL/Web Link in the Source type field.
  6. Type the URL into the Document URL/Link field.
  7. Select a Classification.
  8. Select a Source Code.
  9. Type in a Source Reference.
  10. Type in a Description.
  11. Click .
    The URL link is added to the community members' available documents.
  12. Repeat steps 4 through 11 until there are no more URL links to record for the community member.

Attach Document window key fields and buttons



Source Type

Source type of the document. Select either:

  • File to import a file from your computer into the Synergetic database
  • URL to link to a website.

Document URL Link

Website address of the URL/web link. For example,

Source Date

Date that the source document was created.

For example, if you are importing a historical picture you might specify the date when the picture was taken.

This defaults to the current date and time for new entries.


Classification of the document.

Document classifications are maintained in the luDocumentClassification lookup table. See Maintaining lookup tables in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Source Code

Source of the item. Typical examples include:

  • Archive
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • School Photo.

Document sources are maintained in the luDocumentSourceCode lookup table. See Maintaining lookup tables in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Source Reference

Cross-reference to the source. For example the name, issue date and page of a newspaper where the photograph appeared.


Meaningful description for the document.




Locate and select the document, spreadsheet or photo you want to import.

Upload the selected document, spreadsheet or photo.

Cancel the document import.