Understanding co-curricular terminology

The structure of Co-Curricular Maintenance is dominated by subject class categories ('categories') with up to three levels. These category levels are set up by your system administrator and change depending on which Co-Curricular Maintenance module ('program') is being used.

Sports Maintenance uses three category levels:

The All category displays information from all the category levels of the selected program.

You need permissions to the AllFilters security resources to view the All category. See the Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the Synergetic
System maintenance manual.


Music Maintenance uses two category levels:

Performing arts

Performing Arts Maintenance uses two category levels:

Cadet training

Cadet Maintenance uses three category levels:

Using co-curricular programs

Once co-curricular programs are defined, these are available from the Curriculum menu in SynWeb. See Maintaining co-curricular programs.

Setting up categories

For more information about setting up co-curricular categories, see Setting up co-curricular subject class categories.