Co-Curricular Maintenance - Groups bar

Use the Groups bar to view information about all programs in the Co-Curricular Maintenance program.

Groups view is only available when All is selected in the co-curricular selector.

You need permissions to the AllFilters security resource to view the All category. See the Group/User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the Synergetic System maintenance manual. 


 Opening the Groups bar

To open the Groups bar:

  1. Select Curriculum > Co-Curricular Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.

     Your organisation may have several Co-Curricular Maintenance modules. Select the module that relates to the co-curricular program you want to maintain. 

    The Set Co-Curricular Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the co-curricular program. See Searching for co-curricular programs.
  3. Click the Groups bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Groups bar of the Co-Curricular Maintenance window is displayed.

Co-Curricular Maintenance Groups bar key fields and buttons

Groups selection area fields




Select to filter by campus.

Year Level

Select to filter by Year Level.

Age Group

Selected to filter by Age Group.

Number of Students From/To

Filter based on the number of students in the group.

Number of Restricted Students From/To

Filter based on the number of restricted students in the group.


Select a category level to only display students from the selected category.

Groups selection area buttons



Clear selected filters.

Search for students based on current filter selections.

Groups area fields
Tip: Click the  icon to filter the selected column.




Type of category.

The category levels displayed in this field depend on the values assigned to SubjectClassCategory fields. See the luFileTypeProgram lookup table.

Category one

Level one co-curricular category. For example, Sport.

Category two

Level two co-curricular category. For example, Squad.

Category three

Level three co-curricular category. For example, Team.


Staff member assigned to the category.


Number of students in the category.


Number of restricted students in the category.


Description of the category.

Year Level From

Minimum year level allowed in the category.

Year Level To

Maximum year level allowed in the category.

Age Group

Age Group of the category.