Configuring financial configuration settings for payment plans

To configure financial configuration maintenance settings for payment plans:

  1. Select Modules > System > Finance Configuration Maintenance.
    The General tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance is displayed.
  2. Click the Debtors tab. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Debtors tab in the Finance manual.
    The Debtors tab of Finance Configuration Maintenance is displayed.
  3. Populate the following Debtor Details - Page 1 fields:

    • Default No of Debtor Instalments
    • Default Instalment Day of Month
    • Instalment Frequency
    • Print Unearned Instalments on Original Statement Only
    • Auto Create First Transaction for New Instalments.

    Note: Select this field to activate the default payment plan defined by the Debtor Details - Page 1 instalment settings and automatically charge the first instalment when Automatic Tuition is processed.

    Community Portal users cannot make changes to activated payment plans. Use this field to ensure all the debtors for a particular fee code are assigned the same payment plan.

  4. Click .