Copying a name and address to the clipboard

To copy the name and address of a community member to the clipboard:

  1. Open any maintenance window (for example Current Student Maintenance, Staff Maintenance) for the community member whose details you want to copy.
  2. Click on the toolbar or press Ctrl + I.
    The name and address of the current community member is copied to the Windows clipboard.
  3. Switch to the application that you want to copy the name and address into. For example, Microsoft Excel.
  4. Press Ctrl + V or the equivalent command on the menu, for example Edit > Paste.

The name and address details are pasted into the application window.


You want to copy the mailing address of a SC1 or SC2 contact of student X.

Go to: 

Current Student Maintenance> Find the specific student> Contacts tab

>Select the Contact you wish to copy the details from (eg the SC1 contact)> click on the icon

-Open an application which supports copying and pasting functions such as Word or Excel. 

-Paste or use the paste shortcut as determined by your computer/software. 

You should see the Name and Mailing Address on the document you have paste the information on.