Generating manual invoices

Tax invoices can be manually produced with any receipted items that have been linked with a community identifier. These do not necessarily have to be debtor records, you can print a custom tax invoice on demand for any community member who has charges linked to them.
You cannot allocate a taxable receipt unless you enter a Synergetic ID. If the person does not exist on the community (and you do not want to add them to the community), then you can use the miscellaneous ID to generate a manual tax invoice for them.
For example, someone is paying for miscellaneous fees. For example, a camp fee or excursion.

 Opening the Generate Manual Invoices window

To open the Generate Manual Invoices window.

  1. Select Module > General Ledger > Generate Manual Invoices….
    The Find Name on Community window is displayed.
  2. Select a community member to create an invoice for.
    The Generate Manual Invoices window is displayed showing the person's name, address, ID and any previous invoices that have been generated for them.

Generate Manual Invoices window key buttons




Use the Find Name on Community window to change the community member.

Launch into Community Maintenance for the selected community member. See Maintaining community members in the Community manual.
Tip: Press F6 to launch the function.

Create a new manual invoice. See Creating a manual tax invoice.

Preview the highlighted invoice.

Display the general ledger journals that are included on the highlighted invoice.

Delete the highlighted manual invoice.