Reprinting mail merge letters

If you need to reprint mail merge letters to certain community members, you first need to understand which:

  • stored procedure is being used
  • the relevant fields that are updated by the stored procedure.

Details for each stored procedure are listed in the table covered earlier. See Stored procedures.

If the mail merge letter has not been updated since it was last used, you can just reprint the single page from Microsoft Word.

To reprint a letter created using a stored procedure, such as the crspEnquiryProspectusPrint procedure:

  1. Open the Enquiry tab of Enquiry Student Maintenance. See Enquiry Student Maintenance - Enquiry tab in the Future students manual.
  2. Locate the enquiring student.
  3. Clear the Prospectus Date.
  4. Click .

    Tip: If you have access to set fields in bulk, you can clear the fields for all of the selected records. See Setting field values in bulk in the Introduction manual.
  5. Open the letter in Microsoft Word, originally created using the crspEnquiryProspectusPrint procedure.
    The Microsoft Office Word window is displayed.

    Note: The campus parameter is not used in the example above.
  6. Click .
    The Microsoft Word document is opened with the latest data using the stored procedure.
  7. Print the merged letters.