Extracting data using Microsoft Query directly

Most of the time the Query wizard can mislead you and make it harder to manipulate your data. It is used mainly for creating quick queries but does not introduce you to the full functionality of Microsoft Query.

Everything that you can do in the wizard (and more) can be done in Microsoft Query itself. Check the Help available for Microsoft Query. Also, see:

Useful fields

The following fields are useful when querying Current Student views using Microsoft Query directly:

For information on other useful fields and generated fields, see Synergetic views.




Only view data from the current year and semester. The default value in this field changes depending on the user's Synergetic preferences.

It is preferable to use the CurrentSemesterOnlyFlag rather than FileYear and FileSemester fields.


Use to set the current year, to avoid using information from previous or future years.


Use to set the current semester, to avoid using information from previous or future semesters.

For example, when using FileYear and FileSemester:

If using the same query three years from the date of creation, you will need to reset these filters to match the current year and semester. These selections would only be useful if you want to access prior years on the database.


Gets the contact's address and organises it in a mailing format such as:

Synergetic Management Systems

Building 4, 303-313 Burwood Hwy
Burwood East VIC 3151


Places commas in the address, used for listing names and addresses. For example:

Synergetic Management Systems, Building 4, 303-313 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East VIC 3151

These fields are constructed from the Address1-3, Suburb, State, PostCode and Country. They also take into account whether the current person is deceased or the address is no longer valid on the system.


Defined by the MailFormat in Community Maintenance, this field is normally in the format of Contact Title and Contact Spouse Title Contact First Initial Surname.

For example, Mr and Mrs P Bailey.


Organises the ContactMailName in the format you have specified within Synergetic's Community Maintenance, MailSalutation.

For example, you can remove the contact's initial.


Used for sorting purposes.

You can later delete the field but keep the sorting. If you are using the wizard then you need to add it now.


Student's Name and Surname joined together. It will be used later when doing a Mail Merge within Word.

If you want only the student's preferred name then you may need to join to another table or select a different field in the view.

For example, Brian Smith.

EntryDate / LeavingDate

The EntryDate and LeavingDate are used together to filter out students who are not at your organisation at a certain date.

All students should have an entry date, after which date they are present at your organisation, unless they have left.

Emailing your query to Synergetic Management Systems

If you are having problems with your query then:

  • copy the query into an email
  • provide details on the objective of the query
  • provide information about the problem that you are encountering
  • send the email to support@synergetic.com.au.

To prepare the information for Synergetic Management Systems:

  1. Open the query using Microsoft Query.
    The Microsoft Query window is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The SQL window is displayed.
  3. Highlight the SQL statement.
  4. Press Ctrl + C to copy the SQL statement to the clipboard.
  5. Switch to email.
  6. Press Ctrl + V to paste the SQL statement into the email message.
  7. Complete the email and send it. Provide:
  • details on the objective of the query
  • information about the problem that you are encountering.