Changing default durations of selected teachers for yard duty

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To change default durations of selected teachers for yard duty:

  1. Open Primary Time.
    The Year Group Allocation tab is displayed.

    Select Allocation > Year Group from the main menu, if already using Primary Time.
  2. Select Yard Duty > Teacher Limits from the main menu.

    The Yard Duty Teacher Limits window is displayed.
  3. Define the required yard duty default duration. See Defining default durations for yard duty.
  4. Select a Teacher Code in the Teachers pane.

    Use the Ctrl and Shift keys to select multiple entries or a block of entries, respectively. The new default duration can be applied to all teachers by selecting all Teacher Codes in the Teachers pane.

    The durations of the selected teacher are displayed in the main grid area.
  5. Click .
    The new default duration is applied to the selected teacher.