Defining default durations for yard duty

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To define default durations for yard duty:

  1. Open Primary Time.
    The Year Group Allocation tab is displayed.

    Select Allocation > Year Group from the main menu, if already using Primary Time.
  2. Select Yard Duty > Default Durations from the main menu.

    The Yard Duty Default Durations window is displayed.
  3. Double click a cell in the Duration column.

    You can also select a cell in the Duration column and then click .
  4. Type the number of minutes for the new break duration.

    : Changing the Simple Limit field will not update the Maximum Duration field in the Yard Duty Teacher Limits window. To update this field the default duration must be applied to selected teachers. See Changing default durations of selected teachers for yard duty (on page ).
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to change other yard duty default durations.
  6. Click .
    Default durations for yard duty are defined.
  7. Edit the default durations if needed. See Changing default durations for yard duty.