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Use the Item Maintenance function in Synergetic to view and maintain all the information about items that your organisation stocks and sells.
Some items are not stocked. For example, service items that you supply.
Stocked items at your organisation comprise:

  • An item record that you maintain key information about, including units of measure.
  • A stock record that is used by one or more of your business units to manage and sell stock items. See Entering sales AnchorH_7988H_7988 (on page ) and Managing stock (on page ).

Business units
Business units are set up at your organisation to manage and sell stock items. For example, a bookshop and a uniform shop can operate independently.
Smaller organisations can choose to set up one business unit only.
Also, see Synergetic Financial Configuration - Business Units tab in the System maintenance manual.

How to:

What you can do:

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What you can do…



  • key item details
  • unit of measure settings.

Item Maintenance - Item tab (on page )

Maintain details about an item's suppliers.

Item Maintenance - Suppliers tab (on page )

You can:

  • maintain stock detail for business units that stock and sell items
  • receive stock purchased from a supplier or acquired as consignment stock
  • add or delete a stock record at a business unit
  • mark a stock as active or inactive at a business unit
  • manually adjust average costs.

Item Maintenance - Stock tab (on page )

You can:

  • view summary information about stock receipts
  • receive stock either:
  • purchased from a supplier
  • acquired as consignment stock.
  • maintain stock receipts
  • view stocktake adjustments.

Item Maintenance - Receipts tab (on page )

Summarise stock held at your organisation for the selected item, by business unit.


View details of consignment stock payments.

Item Maintenance - Payment tab (on page )

View sales of stock items by business unit.


View purchase orders for stock items by business unit.


Define your own tabs or programs within Synergetic.


Maintain documents relating to the item.


View information about stock movement:

  • for different business units
  • by month
  • by order, receipt or sales transaction.