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Use the Staff Schedule Maintenance windows to add and maintain the details of staff co-curricular activities. A co-curricular activity is any activity which is not part of the academic curriculum. For example the school play or school sports team coaching.

Co-Curricular activities are also maintained using the Co-Curricular Maintenance - Schedule bar in SynWeb. When a co-curricular activity is scheduled the schedule records for the staff members assigned to the co-curricular activity are automatically updated in Staff Schedule Maintenance. See Maintaining co-curricular programs
SynWeb Curriculum manual.

How to:

What you can do:

(on page ).

(on page ).

What you can do...

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Define the periods and days that are to be used for the staff schedule.


You can:

  • add new meetings and edit the details of existing activities
  • set up ad hoc meetings with individual students or groups
  • copy meetings from one week to the next.

Staff Schedule Maintenance - Schedule tab (on page ).

Not currently used - will be supported in a future version of Synergetic.