Customising test NAB Transact configuration settings

You can customise test configuration settings for NAB Transact before taking the gateway live.
Note: For information about enabling live NAB Transact payments, see Configuring the Community Portal to process online payments.

Configuration settings

See Maintaining configuration files.

Configuration setting

Determines the URL that receives...



Defines the message displayed when an online transaction is successfully processed with the online provider (NAB Transact) but encounters an error during processing in Synergetic.


Requests for NAB fingerprints when conducting transactions in test mode.


Unique debtor identifiers when debtors manage stored credit card details in test mode.


Used to determine whether callbacks to the Core API are suppressed when test online payments are processed using NAB Transact.

Test_SuppressCoreAPICallBack configuration setting


Encoded NAB fingerprint data when conducting transactions in test mode.


Encoded NAB payment transactions when conducting transactions in test mode.


Encoded NAB payment transactions made from the XML API when conducting transactions in test mode.