Creating new events

To create a new event:

  1. Either:
    • click on the Set Events Search Criteria window
    • click on the Events Maintenance toolbar
    • select File > New from the main menu
    • right click on the Events Selector grid and select New
     press Ctrl + N.
    The Create New Event window is displayed.

  2. Enter a meaningful code and description for the event.
  3. Click .
    The event is added and the Events Maintenance window is displayed.

Create New Events window key fields



Event Code

Unique code for the event.

You should establish a naming convention for events at your organisation. For example, include date details for annual events or events repeated on multiple dates.


Meaningful description of the event. For example, Annual staff dinner 2014.


Select a type of event or event group. Event types are maintained in the luEventType lookup table. See luEventType lookup table in the System maintenance manual.