Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF)

SIF AU logoSynergetic is currently developing support for a data sharing standard called Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF).

Our implementation of SIF is available with Synergetic v68*, and we recommend other vendors consider a SIF-based integration in order to share data with Synergetic.

SIF 3 uses REST as its transport and the current data model supported here is SIF AU 3.4 - (SIF Infrastructure is at

Please look at the objects that are supported by SIF AU 3.4 to inform you of the Data Model.

Please also refer to the SIS Baseline Profile that has agreement of support from various vendors, including Synergetic, which is a subset of the larger data model for easier exchange. Please read the SBP Brochure (PDF) and review the SIS Baseline Profile (SBP) Proposed Jurisdiction 2017 (PDF).

National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) also have various supporting tools and artefacts to help developers as well as offering technical support by on-line and face-to-face training.

Their web site has other information on what they do which will be of interest

* A quarterly integration cost is applicable, please contact our sales team for more information