Deleting home teachers with existing yard duties

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To delete home teachers with existing yard duties:

  1. Select Yard Duty > Yard Duty All Teachers Report.

    The Save As dialog window is displayed.
  2. Either:
    • type a new name into the File name field
    • select an existing file.
  3. Click .
    The Confirm dialog window is displayed if you are overwriting an existing file.
  4. Click .
    A Microsoft Excel dialog window is displayed if you are running a more recent version of Excel.

    The Yard Duty All Teachers Report is displayed in Excel.
  5. Locate the Teacher Code to be deleted from yard duty.

    Use the Find and Replace dialog window (that is press the Ctrl and F keys) to find entries faster.
  6. Select the Yard Duty tab in Primary Time, if not already selected.
    The Yard Duty tab is displayed.
  7. Double click a yard duty activity allocated to the teacher.
  8. Either:
    • select another teacher

    • click .
  9. Repeat this step for all yard duty activities allocated to the teacher being deleted.