What are objects?

Objects are anything physical and inanimate at your organisation that you need to manage throughout their life cycle. For example, buildings, computers, books and lawn mowers.

All objects are related in an object hierarchy which often demonstrates their physical location within your organisation:

  • A parent object has related objects under it.
  • A child object is created under a parent object.
  • An object can be both a parent and a child object.
  • A master object is one that is used multiple times. For example, a master textbook object can be defined which you have 200 copies of.

For example, the Main Campus is a parent object that has several objects under it—Administration, Building A, IT Building and the Library. A hierarchical view of objects is displayed in the Object Maintenance window.

All objects are assigned an object type. Examples of object types and objects are:

Object type

Example object


Junior or Senior campus.


Menzies Building, Steering Hall.

Room within a building

Room 103.

Computer hardware and peripherals

Projectors, scanners, printers.

Computer software

CD ROMs, applications, programs or electronic documents.

Classroom materials

Class sets or textbooks.

Classroom furniture

Desks, tables, whiteboards.

Garden items

Trees, hoses, garden equipment.