Using the Customise tab

Use the Customise tab to manually edit generated timetables.

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To use the Customise tab:

  1. Open Primary Time.
    The Year Group Allocation tab is displayed.

    Select Allocation > Year Group from the main menu, if already using Primary Time.
  2. Click Customise tab.
    The Customise tab is displayed with:
    • classes on the horizontal axis
    • days on the vertical axis
    • subject code, room code and teacher code for affected year groups.
  3. Double click the subject, room or teacher cell you wish to edit.

    You can also select a cell and click the  button.

  4. Type the new subject, room or teacher allocation code in the cell.
  5. Click elsewhere on the screen to finalise the change.
    The edited cell is displayed with a red background.
  6. Repeat steps 3 to 5 for all changes to the schedule you wish to make.