Scheduling approach

The approach to scheduling in Primary Time is to:

  1. Manually schedule the activities that must occur during certain periods and save these. For example, sport.

    The Not available function could also be used to achieve this.
  2. Use the Not available function to make unavailable the periods (times) when specialist subject cannot run. For example:
    • literacy time for the year ones
    • sport for the year sixes.
  3. Manually schedule activities (usually joins) that you know from the past that are difficult to schedule.
  4. Use AutoPlace to finish the timetable.
  5. If AutoPlace cannot finish the timetable:
    • take note of the activity that it finds the most difficult to schedule
    • press the AutoClear button to clear the automatic scheduling but leaves the manual scheduling intact
    • if required, manually schedule the difficult activity and save
    • repeat from step 4.