Configuring the Kiosk

1. In the Synergetic menu for either windows or web application, navigate to
System → Interface Settings

2. From the drop-down list, select “KioskAPI - Kiosk API“

From this interface, administrators can configure and manage kiosks from a centralised location.

Navigating to interface settings using synmain

Navigating to interface settings using synweb



Create new role

The kiosk role is the mechanism to configure the kiosk to meet the school's needs. Each kiosk is assigned a role that defines the functionality of the kiosk and the absence events it will record in synergetic.

1. In the side-bar, select the “KioskAPI Roles(s)“ option

2. To add a new role to synergetic, select the Plus Icon (add new role button)

3. Provide a unique name for the Kiosk Role.
The name will be used to refer to the role.

4. Select a role meaning for the kiosk.
3 role types define the operation of the kiosk:

  • Reception - Allows students to select a reason from a list to sign in & out of school.
    (must select more than 1 check-in and check-out reasons)

  • Peripatetic - Students can easily identify themselves and check-in/out of co-curricular classes
    (must select 1 check-in reason and 1 check-out reason)

  • Sickbay - Students can easily check into sickbay, and when a student leaves, they can either sign out of school or check out of sickbay to return to class.
    (must select 1 check-in reason and 2 check-out reasons)

5. Select check-in and check-out reasons for the kiosk - the role type defines how many reasons you can select for each role meaning

The reasons are derived from the lookup table luAbsenceEventsTerminalReasonDefinition.

The fields you will need to define within this table are:

  • Code

  • Description

  • AvailableInOut

  • AbsenceReasonCode

  • AbsenceEventTypeCode

  • AbsenceTypeCode

The check-in reasons have an AvailableInOut value of IN & check-out reasons have an AvailableInOut value of OUT


For general information on how to access and edit lookup tables, please see Maintaining lookup tables


6. Select Create to save the role

Note: If a “Saving Error” occurs when creating a role then, update the kiosk role and select the correct number of check-in/out reasons based on the role meaning

Updating Role

We do not recommend updating the kiosks role in synergetic during the daily operation of the kiosk as it can cause incorrect inferencing of sign-in/out or check-in/out events for students.

We recommended to update the kiosk role in synergetic before school begins or after school finishes.

Next to the role name - click the arrow to open the dropdown menu. Select “Update this Kiosk Role” to make modifications to the kiosk role. If a kiosk role is updated please ensure to exit the kiosk application and open the application again to refresh the role changes.

Deleting Role

Next to the role name - click the arrow to open the dropdown menu. Select “Remove this Kiosk Role”.
If the role is associated with a kiosk - then the role cannot be removed.

Add new kiosk


For each kiosk, you must follow the process to create a new kiosk in synergetic

1. In the side-bar, select the “KioskAPI Kiosk(s)“ option

2. To add a new kiosk to synergetic, select the Plus Icon (add new kiosk button)

3. Finally, select “Yes” to confirm to add a new kiosk

When a new kiosk is added, it will display the:

Status - Current operating status of the kiosk (Created, Enrolled, Deleted)

GUID - Unique identifier for the kiosk terminal

Shared Secret - key used to authenticate the kiosk with synergetic

QR code link - generates a unique QR code containing the data required to pair the kiosk with synergetic


4. Click the “Click to get QR code” to generate a new QR code for the kiosk

The QR code is unique to each kiosk

Deleting a kiosk

Next to the role name - click the arrow to open the dropdown menu. Select “Remove this Kiosk”. If a kiosk is removed please ensure to exit the kiosk application and open the application again to refresh the changes.

Configuring a new kiosk

Before configuring the kiosk, please ensure you have followed the guide to onboard the device (here)

1. Open the “Attendance Kiosk” application

2. Initially, the application will display a camera view and request to point the camera at the generated QR code

3. When the kiosk successfully scans the QR code and establishes communication with synergetic, it will prompt “Scan successful”

4. Enter a unique device name; the name will be displayed on the kiosk footer during operation

5. Select a role for the kiosk.

The roles are configurable and should be configured prior to setting up the kiosk.


If you need to make an amendment to a role or create a role at this stage, please exit the app, remove it from background applications (double click home button and swipe kiosk app away), and reopen it.


Pairing device to a printer

If connecting the kiosk to the EPSON TMT-88VI printer, please ensure Bluetooth is enabled and the printer is paired (here)

When the printer is connected to the kiosk, select the paired printer; otherwise, you can proceed without printing required.

If no printer is selected, it will not print a late or leave slip.

Confirm the configuration details, then start the kiosk.

Updating a kiosk

For the kiosk to reflect changes made to the kiosks role or branding. Close the application (remember to remove the kiosk from running in the background - by double-clicking the home button and swiping up on the kiosk application) and then re-open the kiosk.

The kiosk will use the School Logo stored in Synergetic’s DocMan system - it will find the image that has a Document Classification code with SynergyMeaning of ‘SchoolLogo’.

This image is typically imported as part of the initial Synergetic installation for your organisation and should already be stored and ready to use.