iPad Setup

Please connect the iPad to wifi (Guide here)

Downloading Kiosk Application

  1. On your IPAD Tablet open App Store

  2. Search for and install Synergetic Attendance Kiosk


Pairing Epson TMT-88VI to Bluetooth

  1. Plugin the Epson TMT-88VI

  2. On your tablet, open Settings

  3. Navigate to Bluetooth

  4. From the Bluetooth menu, select the option beginning with “TM-T88VI.”

Kiosk mode

Disabling keyboard suggestions

It is recommended to modify the iPad keyboard settings to prevent text recommendations, autofill, and secondary keyboards so students can efficiently populate details into the kiosk.

1. Open Settings

2. Navigate to General → Keyboard


3. Disable:

  • Auto-Correction

  • Check Spelling

  • Shortcuts

  • Predictive

  • Smart Punctuation

Ensure only the English keyboard is configured

4. Select Keyboards
5. Select Edit
6. Delete all keyboards except for the English keyboard by swiping left on the keyboard entry.

Enabling guided access mode

Guided Access mode is used to limit the use of the iPad to the kiosk app and prevents users from accessing applications and features outside the kiosk app.

1. Open Settings
2. Navigate to Accessibility
3. In the Learning Section (bottom of the list), select Guided Access
4. Enable Guided Access Mode

4. Set a password to enter and exit kiosk mode. Select Passcode Settings and then click on select Guided Access Passcode

Configuring guided access mode

1. Open the kiosk application (Configure the kiosk)

2. Triple-click the home button

3. Enter the Guided Access Passcode

4. select “Options” in the bottom left

5. Disable:
- Sleep/Wake Button
- Volume Button
- Motion
- Time Limit

6. Select start in the top right corner

Exit guided access mode

To leave the kiosk app, you must exit guided access mode.

Triple-click the Home button and enter the Guided Access Passcode