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Synergetic can help you manage all of your objects at your organisation. Examples include photocopiers, classrooms and trees.
Object maintenance includes:


What you can do:

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What you can do...

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Use the Object Maintenance window to:

  • create a new object
  • view the existing elements and attributes for an object
  • view the existing booking and loan status for an object
  • view any tasks that have been associated with the object.

Object Maintenance window (on page )

View the details of an object.
For example, model, serial and asset numbers.

Object Maintenance - General tab (on page )

Enter and view the details of external accommodation used by your organisation.

Object Maintenance - Accommodation tab (on page )

View the maintainable elements that make up the object.
For example, a computer is comprised of a screen, keyboard and specified software.

Object Maintenance - Elements tabanchor


View the attributes of an object.
For example, a book object can have publisher and ISBN attributes.

Object Maintenance - Attributes tabanchor


View the current or past bookings for a selected object.

Object Maintenance - Bookings tab


View the current or past loans made for selected object.

Object Maintenance - Loans tab


View any tasks that have been assigned in relation to a selected object.

Object Maintenance - Tasks tab (on page )

Authorise users to run object maintenance and to define which objects they can maintain.

Object Maintenance - Security tab (on page )

Open forms created at your organisation.

Object Maintenance - User Forms tab


View the changes that have been made to an object over time.

Object Maintenance - Maint tab