Maintaining bookings by date

You can view and maintain bookings for specific dates using the Bookings - By Date window.

The fields displayed and the options available depend on which view is selected:

 Opening the Bookings - By Date window

To open the Bookings - By Date window:

  1. Select Objects > Bookings - By Date in the SynWeb main menu.The Bookings - By Date window is displayed.

Bookings - By Date key fields and buttons

The following fields and buttons are the same across all views.

Search Criteria area fields



Object Type

Select the type of object you want to view.


Select a category of object.

My Bookings

Select to view only your own bookings.

Show Location

Select to display the location of each object underneath it.

Search Criteria area buttons



Display objects and bookings for the selected date, type and category.

Open the Search Objects window to search for objects.

View buttons




Display the previous day's schedule.

Go to today's schedule.

Select the date using the calendar.

Display the next day's schedule.

View the schedule for one day.

Bookings - By Date - Day view

View the schedule for the week.

Bookings - By Date - Week view

View the schedule for the month.

Bookings - By Date - Month view

View a timeline of booked objects.

Bookings - By Date - Timeline view