Maintaining external test results

Use the External Tests Results Maint window to maintain students results for external tests.

To maintain student results:

  1. Select Curriculum > External Test Results Maintenance from the SynWeb main menu.
    The Set External Tests Search Criteria for Results window is displayed.
  2. Search for the external test. See Searching for external tests.

    You can click on the search result headers to order the results by that column in ascending or descending order.

    The External Tests Results Maint. window is displayed.
  3. Click a grid cell to add or edit a result or comment.

    : Changes to each result are automatically saved.

    To bulk set a comment or result, right-click the cell containing the intended value and select Bulk set results to this.

External Tests Results Maint key fields and buttons



Ignore Warning when overwrite self

Select to hide a warning that your results have been overwritten by another staff member.




Import the results from an excel spreadsheet. See Importing results from Excel.

Note: When importing 1997-2003 Excel files the worksheet must be the first sheet and must be spelt Sheet1 with capitalisation and without internal spacing.

Search for a new external test to maintain results for.

Refresh the current view of test results to see any changes made by other staff members.