Booking accommodation with accommodation suppliers (Current students)

You can book accommodation with an accommodation supplier such as a:

  • student hostel
  • person who provides home stay services to two or more students.

For students staying with one of their contacts, see Current Student Maintenance - Accommodation tab - Contacts sub-tab.

Setting up an accommodation supplier

Create an accommodation supplier object using Object Maintenance. See Maintaining objects in the Objects manual. Details need to be updated on the General and Accommodation tabs.

Booking accommodation

To book accommodation with an accommodation supplier:

  1. Open the Accommodation sub-tab. See Current Student Maintenance - Accommodation tab - Accommodation sub-tab.
    The Accommodation sub-tab of Current Student Maintenance is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Object Booking window is displayed.

    Select the Process Overdue Charge Flag to add charges for overdue loans or Process Overdue Reversal Flag to reverse any incorrectly charged fees.

    The labels for Semester can be Term, Report No or Half-Term based on your setup. See Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab in the Curriculum manual. 

  3. Click .
    The Object Search window is displayed.
  4. Navigate to the accommodation supplier's object and select it.
  5. Click .
    The Object field is updated with the supplier's object name.
  6. Complete the date range of the accommodation.

    : The quantity available (3 available for this date range) depends on how many students the hostel can cater for (4, as shown below) less any bookings already made (1 booking was added earlier for another student). See Checking bookings made below.

  7. Select the Status Code from the drop-down list.
  8. Update the Status Date field, if required.
  9. Update any other relevant fields.
  10. Click .
    The booking is saved.

Checking bookings made
You can check the bookings for an accommodation supplier on the Bookings tab of Object Maintenance. See Object Maintenance - Bookings tab in the Objects manual.
In the following example, two bookings have been added for Grimwade Hostel.