Saving timetabling data

When using Primary Time, name and save the Primary Time file to a network location:

  • the first time you use Primary Time
  • periodically when you save new or backup copies.

To name and save the Primary Time file to a network location:

  1. Double click on your desktop to open Primary Time.
    The Year Group Allocation tab is displayed.
  2. Select File > Save from the main menu.

    The Save As dialog window is displayed.
  3. Navigate to a network location where Primary Time files can be kept.

    Ensure that the Primary Time file is regularly backed up, to avoid loss of data.
  4. Type a name in the File name field, based on the naming scheme your organisation implements.
  5. Click .
    The timetable data is saved.

    Consider making backup versions of the Primary Time file periodically, to protect against a corrupted file.
  6. Perform timetabling functions and save data on the relevant window.
  7. Select File > Exit from the main menu to exit from Primary Time when finished.

    If you do not save data on a relevant window, you may be prompted to save or discard the most recent changes.

    When you restart Primary Time it displays the last opened file. Avoid using File > Close, as it may cause confusion when you next start Primary Time; only rudimentary data is displayed which may cause concerns that timetabling data has been lost.

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