General Ledger Maintenance - Transactions bar

Use the Transactions bar to display individual journals that have updated the account.

 Opening the Transactions bar

To open the Transactions bar:

  1. Select Finance > General Ledger from the SynWeb main menu.
    The General Ledger Search Criteria window is displayed.
  2. Search for the general ledger. See Searching for general ledger accounts.
  3. Click the Transactions bar.

     You can click anywhere on a navigation bar other than the caption to open it.

    The Transactions bar of the General Ledger Maintenance window is displayed.

General Ledger Maintenance - Transactions bar key fields




General Ledger Year

Select the general ledger year to display transactions for.

Sub Allocation Code

Select a sub allocation code to filter transactions to.

Grid area fields




Date of the general ledger journal.

Journal Description

Description of the journal.


Debit or credit amount of the journal.

Note: Credits are shown as negative amounts.

Tax Code

Code used to determine the tax applicable to this journal.

Local Amount

The Amount displayed in the default currency.


Tax calculated using the Amount and the Tax Code values.


Running account balance.

Posting Number

Number of the posting.


Synergetic program that is the source of the posting.

Tip: Double click on an entry to open the source program at the corresponding entry.

Order No

Order number.

Receipt Number

Receipt number.


Name of the person that the transaction relates to.


Synergetic ID of the person that the transaction relates to.


Sequence number of the transaction.

Sub Code

General ledger sub allocation code.

Debtor Transaction

Debtor transaction sequence.

Creditor Transaction

Creditor transaction sequence.

Pay Code

Payroll pay code.

Sale Invoice Number

Sale invoice number.

Invoice Issued

Number of invoices issued.

Invoice Line Description

Line description printed on the invoice.

Reverse Journal Seq

Reversing transaction details.


Selected if this is an income transaction for tax purposes.

Classification Code

Classification code.


Selected if the journal adjusted tax for a prior period.

BAS Posting

Posting number if the transaction has been posted to the BAS.