Arrival and departure terminals


Synergetic Arrival/Departure Terminals integrate with your school’s Synergetic Absences system allowing automated sign in and out by students when they either arrive late to school or leave early (for example, when going to a medical/ dental appointment), or move around in the school eg to music lessons.  The end result is a streamlined process that can effectively use student identification cards to allow for better workflow, duty of care monitoring and evacuations/emergencies.

The terminal enables students to sign in and out themselves when arriving late and departing early from school. Students can either enter their ID number or scan their barcode via a Barcode reader (subject to additional cost and configuration). The terminals are configurable to an extent and enables schools to incorporate school branding, show particular sign in/out options on particular terminals, and enable students to select specific reasons for signing in/out. The terminal can also be configured to allow students to print out a receipt to take to their class teacher upon late sign in.

A terminal is essentially a windows based PC connected to the Synergetic database and the school's network, however it is devoted entirely to acting as an arrival/ departure terminal.  A touch screen is highly recommended as this will eliminate the need for a keyboard and mouse pointer .  A barcode reader and docket reader can be connected to this PC.   Note that all hardware* eg touch screen PC or keyboard based PC, barcode reader, and docket printers are to be supplied by the school at their own cost.

See a demo of the Synergetic Arrival Departure Terminal here:


Contact your school's Customer Success Manager to get a quote.

* Hardware

Some example of hardware are provided below.  Note that the models presented here may have been superseded by newer models: 

  • Touch Screen and PC (HP AP5000, Shuttle X50V2/X50V2(B))
  • Barcode Scanner (HP Presentation Barcode Scanner QY439AA, Opticon OPR2001 USB Laser/Stand/Cab)
  • Docket Printer (Epson TM-T88V POS Thermal Printer, Samsung SRP 350P)
  • Line Printer (Epson LQ-300+II + Cut Sheet Feeder, OKI Microline ML390T 80 column printer (works well but is a bit noisy))
  • Keyboard and Mouse (any)
  • Additional ‘normal’ LCD Screen for Administration (any)

Hardware and Hardware support is not included.