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Use the Debtor tab to:


Current Student Maintenance - Debtor tab fields and buttons

The field displayed is used for New Zealand roll returns. For the complete set of field descriptions see Current Student Maintenance - Debtor tab in the Current students manual.
Other area fields



Tuition Variation Type

Type of debtor to include or exclude from the auto tuition run, if required.
For example, full-fee students generally receive a different charge than other students. If a tuition variation is defined on any student records, these students become part of their own billing group for automatic charges.
For NZ MOE roll returns, a Tuition Variation Type is defined for an international fee-paying (FF student type) or a NZ Agency for International Development [NZAID] student (FE student type) who is being charged for tuition for the academic year or a proportion of the year for which the student is enrolled. For details on student types, see Current Student Maintenance - NZMOE tab (Roll returns).