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Use the Flags tab to maintain flags and related information to:


The fields displayed are those used for New Zealand roll returns. For the complete set of field descriptions see Current Student Maintenance - Flags tab in the Current students manual.

Special Flags area



Tertiary Entrance Achieved

Student has successfully achieved tertiary entrance.
In NZ MOE roll returns, this flag is selected to indicate that University Entrance has been awarded to the student. Applies to full-time secondary level students (student type is RE, FF, TPRE or TPREOM) and Adult (student type is RA, AD, TPRAE, TPAD or TPRAOM) students leaving the NZ schooling sector and where the Reason is L, E, O, X or C. See Updating current student details for roll returns.

Non Resident

Student is from overseas and not classified as a resident of your country.

Special Needs

Student has special needs.