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Use the Enrolment Deposit Codes Maintenance window to define all the different types of deposit used in your organisation.


Enrolment Deposit Definitions Maintenance window key fields and buttons




Deposit Code

The deposit code is a unique identifier used to distinguish between each enrolment deposit.
Note: If you accidentally enter the code twice, you will get an error message, for example, cannot insert duplicate key. To rectify this, right click and select Refresh Grid.


Description to help identify the deposit code.

Deposit Type

Select the type of enrolment deposit this code represents. Options include:

  • Application Fee
  • Enrolment Fee
  • Interest Free Loan.

G/L Code

General ledger account that the deposits are allocated to.

Tax Code

This defines the type of tax to be applied to the deposit.

Default Amount

This amount is used as the default when you create a new enrolment deposit for a debtor.

Refundable Deposit

This allows or disallows donation of the deposit to a fund. If deposits are to be donated then the fund to donate to can be set in Maintaining enrolment deposits.
New funds are created in the lookup table, luFund. See luFund lookup table (Finance) in the Finance manual for more details.

Student Based Deposit

This defines the type of record that is created as a deposit. If it is selected, then the student is his or her own contact.
Otherwise, a single person can be the contact for several students.


Comment relating to the deposit code.




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Add a new deposit code.
This creates a new line at the bottom of the grid, for you to enter the new deposit definition.

Delete the selected deposit definition.
You will be prompted to type delete to confirm the deletion.