luFund lookup table (Finance)


The luFund lookup table defines funds that your organisation collects pledges and donations for. For example, the Building Fund.

It is used in conjunction with the Sub Ledgers sub-tab of Synergetic Financial Configuration to set up the automatic allocation of electronic banking payments against pledge receipts. See Configuring automatic pledge allocations in the Debtors manual.






Unique code for the fund.


Description of the fund.


General ledger code the fund is allocated to.


General ledger sub-allocation code the fund is allocated to.


The default appeal code of the fund.


The fund code.


Select if this fund can be used in your organisation.

AutoPledgeAllocate BPAYFlag

Correspond with options from electronic banking to specify which payment types can automatically allocate to pledges.

AutoPledgeAllocate DirectDebitFlag / AutoPledgeAllocate CreditCardFlag / AutoPledgeAllocate OtherFlag

Select to automatically assign excess debtor payments from the payment type to any pledges towards this fund.
Payments are only assigned to pledges:

  • of this type of fund
  • when any outstanding debtor payments with the same or earlier statement date have been paid in full.

    The amount assigned to pledges is equal to the to the next instalment amount of the oldest pledge of this fund.
    Note: Payments are assigned based on their Statement Date. If there is an outstanding debtor payment with a statement date before the pledge statement date, the debtor account is paid first and the excess is allocated to the pledge up to the amount of the outstanding instalment amount.
    Any excess payment after the pledge payment is allocated to:
  • the next instalment of any newer pledges of this type of fund
  • the debtor's Prepaid or Overpayment account.
    Note: The allocation of pledge receipts from electronic banking must also be configured using the Allow Auto Allocation of Pledge Receipts for Electronic Banking on the Synergetic Financial Configuration - Debtors - Sub Ledgers sub-tab. See Synergetic Financial Configuration - Debtors tab - Sub Ledgers sub-tab.

AutoPledgeReceipt AllocationPriority

Order in which funds are automatically allocated to from electronic payments. Funds with higher values in this field are allocated first.
Note: The automatic allocation order also depends on fee categories and statement dates. See Configuring pledge allocations for electronic banking in the Debtors manual.


Date and time the lookup table entry was last modified.


User that last modified the lookup table entry.