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Use the Debtor tab to:


ID area fields and buttons




Debtor ID

Debtor's Synergetic ID.

Note: The debtor for the student defaults to the primary contact.

Student Billing

Whether student billing or family billing applies to the student.

The Student Billing field is:

  • selected by clicking
  • cleared by clicking .

Student Billing

Use student billing to create a different billing arrangement for each student. This is useful:

  • for blended families where more than one person is responsible for tuition fees
  • where separate statements are required for each student.

The Debtor ID and Student ID are both used to define the debtor account, when either:

  • a charge is raised against the student
  • debtor bulk additions is run.

NICHE Debtor Code

Debtor code for this student if the debtor was set up in Synergetic's predecessor, NICHE.




Select a community member who is not the primary contact for the student. The Debtor ID and debtor details are updated based on the selected debtor.

Note: Take note of the current debtor details before making changes. You cannot discard changes to the Debtor ID.


You can select to bill by student or family.

  • Click Set Student Billing to set Student Billing.
  • Click Set Family Billing to clear Student Billing.

Setting student billing

To change from family billing to student billing:

  1. Click Set Student Billing.
    The following dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click .

    The Student Billing field is selected.
    The button is changed to Set Family Billing.

Setting family billing

To change from student billing to family billing:

  1. Click Set Family Billing.
    The following dialog box is displayed.
  2. Click .
    The Student Billing field is cleared.
    The button is changed to Set Student Billing.

Debtor Names area fields and buttons





Debtor's name.

The debtor's name can be overridden, if required. For example, the debtor may need the statements in their company name for tax purposes.

See Overriding the debtor's name in the Debtors manual.

Note: If the debtor has not yet been created or you do not have permission to access the finance database then the community name is displayed.


Debtor's address.

Phone BH

Debtor's business hour's telephone number.


Debtor's after hour's telephone number.


Debtor's mobile telephone number.

Primary Person Only

Select to address mail to the primary person only.

Note: You can maintain the Address mail to primary person only field on the Debtor tab in Debtor Maintenance. See Debtor Maintenance - Debtor tab in the Debtors manual.

Tip: If the student's costs are paid by more than one debtor, select the debtor who pays the miscellaneous charges as the primary person, not the debtor who pays the tuition fees.




Launch the Community Maintenance window for the selected debtor. See Maintaining community members in the Community manual.

Launch the Debtor Maintenance window for the selected debtor. See Maintaining debtors in the Debtors manual.

Other area fields



Tuition Variation Type

Type of debtor to include or exclude from the auto tuition run, if required. For example, full-fee students generally receive a different charge than other students. If a tuition variation is defined on any student records, these students become part of their own billing group for automatic charges.

For NZ MOE roll returns, a Tuition Variation Type is defined for an international fee-paying (FF student type) or a NZ Agency for International Development [NZAID] student (FE student type) who is being charged for tuition for the academic year or a proportion of the year for which the student is enrolled. For details on student types, see Current Student Maintenance - NZMOE tab (Roll returns).

Special Billing Type

Code used for special billing. For example, New Students.

Note: You can start a special auto tuition based on this flag, which can then be cleared automatically. This feature is typically used by organisations that bill significantly in advance.

Daily Sale Credit Limit

Debtor's daily credit limit, if applicable.

Note: A warning is displayed in Sales entry if the student exceeds the nominated amount. You can override the warning if required.

Flags area fields



Full Fee Paying

Select if the student is paying full fees.

No Sibling Discount

Select if sibling discounts do not apply for this student.

Note: Sibling discounts reduce tuition charges based on the family position.

Allow Auto Tuition

Clear to stop automatically applying tuition fees for the student. This feature may be needed if the debtor has paid in advance and those charges have already been applied.

Allow Auto Charges

Clear to stop automatically applying automatic charges for the student. The student is put in the Not to be charged grid of Auto Charges, with *No Auto* beside the entry. You can then choose to include them at that point. See Automatic Tuition in the Debtors manual.

Receives Split Payment Charges From area fields and buttons



Debtor ID

Debtor's Synergetic ID number.

Debtor Name

Debtor's name.


The students attached to the debtor.

Fee Cat

Fee category. The fee category is defined against each fee code. See Debtor Fee Maintenance - General tab.

If you are using split payments, ensure that the appropriate fee category is recorded against the fees that are to be split.


Percentage of the fee paid by the debtor, if applicable.


Amount of the fee paid by the debtor, if applicable.




Launch Debtor Maintenance for the selected person.