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When your organisation acquires a new asset, add the asset details to the Asset Register. Each asset is linked to the general ledger, and profit and loss figures can be calculated on the value, sale and depreciation of all assets that your organisation currently owns.
You can record general asset information for individual assets, including a description, cost, type, model and serial number. The source of the asset is also recorded. For example, the asset may be purchased from a creditor or donated by a member of your community.
Synergetic calculates the written down value, depreciation and year-to-date depreciation.

General messages

Image RemovedImage Added
The following messages can be displayed on the Asset Maintenance window.



WDV out of date

Asset's Last Dep'n Date is greater than one year old.


Asset has been sold.
The Image Removed Image Added button has been selected on the General tab. See Asset Maintenance - General tab (on page ).

How to:

What you can do:

What you can do...


You can:

  • maintain the details of the selected asset
  • display the results from the most recent depreciation run
  • process asset sales.

Asset Maintenance - General tab (on page )

Maintain the:

  • source of the asset
  • its location
  • person or company the asset is assigned┬áto.

Asset Maintenance - Details tab

(on page )

List the depreciation runs for the asset, including the:

  • date of the run
  • depreciation amount posting number.

Asset Maintenance - Depreciation tab

(on page )

Link the selected asset to other assets and maintain the relationships between them.

Asset Maintenance - Linked Assets tab (on page )

Maintain documents relating to the asset.

Asset Maintenance - DocMan tab

(on page )