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The Online Form Builder can be used to develop and publish the following types of forms:1)

  1. Application: parents can submit an application for a placement for their child. This information feeds into the Process Online Applications/Enquiries Import for processing and then it can be vetted by the enrolments team before being transfering into Future Students. The Applications form exposes many data fields that can be mapped through to future students, future student contacts and the community tables. They can also have an enrolment deposit linked and paid for via the payment gateway, documents attached and multiple contacts submitted eg. for split families. This form is most commonly used.


  1. Enquiry: prospective parents can submit an enquiry with request for school tour or prospectus. This information also feeds into the Process Online Applications/Enquiries Import area but after vetting by the enrolments team the data is then transferred into the Enquiry Students module of Synergetic. The Enquiry form exposes many of the data fields from the underlying Enquiry Students and Enquiry Student Contacts tables. This is the second most common form type used.


  1. Public Contact Details: there is a built in template Update Your Details to create a Public Contact Details Form that uses this form type and provides hooks into the Action Center to process name/address and several other data field updates, normally used for alumni or other people to re-connect with the school. See Creating a public contact details form


  1. for how to create the form from scratch.


  1. Basic: custom user tables or a user stored procedure can be built to allow a custom form to be developed. Whilst allowing a flexible approach, depending on the requirements this form type may require significant development work for T-SQL stored procedures, tables and user form to view and process the data. This form type is not commonly used at this stage however please contact Synergetic to discuss your requirements.

To create an Application, Enquiry or Update Your Details form it is best to start with a template and the following templates are available:

Click the elipsisellipsis, then select Create form using template.

Otherwise to create a new form from scratch, the following options are available:


What you can do

What you can do...


Learn how to use the features of the Online form builder.

Using the Online form builder

You can:

  • create a new form
  • open a form
  • rename a form
  • duplicate a form
  • delete a form.

My Forms window

Add elements such as drop-down lists, text fields and buttons.

Online form builder - Elements tab

Configure properties that determine the functionality and style of elements.

Online form builder - Properties tab