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To create a new staff member:


Create New Staff - Name window key fields



Record Type

New staff members can be Personal, Company or Personal Company. Select these using the radio buttons at the top of this window. The data input windows depend on your choice here:

  • Personal is for an individual person.
  • Company is where the company is the primary contact, and you address the company. For example: Jackson HoldingsAttn: Mr John Roberts
  • Personal Company is where the person is the primary contact. For example: Mrs Anne JohnsonSalbut Enterprises

If you select Company, the windows that follow are similar but will not require you to enter any individual personnel information. This is done on the Human Resources Maintenance window. See Maintaining staff.

IDSynergetic identifier of an existing staff member.

Use Existing ID

If you are creating a staff member from an existing community member and you know their Synergetic ID, select this field and enter the ID into the ID field. The details of the staff member are retrieved from the community database.

Note: If you select Personal Company, Synergetic searches the community for records of people, rather than companies.


Staff member's title.


Staff member's surname.


Select the Any field to search for community members by:

  • surname
  • previous surname
  • maiden name
  • override legal surname.

Given 1

Staff member's given name.


Staff member's preferred name. This field is automatically completed with the staff member's given name. You may type another name if required. For example, if the staff member's given name is Stephen, you could type Steve.

Other Given

Staff member's other given names.


Staff member's gender. This field is automatically completed when you select the staff member's title.

Note: For gender-neutral titles the gender must be selected. For example, Dr.

Note: You can define the list of genders used at your organisation using the luGender lookup table. See luGender lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Date of Birth

Staff member's date of birth.

Mail format

Address format for the staff member. For example, whether their initials should be used, or an ampersand instead of 'and'.