What's new to Development

Version 70

This section outlines changes to the Development manual arising from changes made to SynWeb (Versions 9-10.01).


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New event period details.

You can display the event period details to Community Portal users by populating the Event Date From and Event Date To fields on the Event bar of Events Maintenance.

Events Maintenance - Event bar
New fields added to the Location bar.

You can determine the information displayed to Community Portal users using the Show in Community Portal Approval Process area fields on the Location bar of Event Maintenance.

Events Maintenance - Location bar

New button added to the Location bar for updating lookup table records.

You can click  next to the Location Code field on the Location bar of Event Maintenance to edit, add or refresh lookup table entries from the luLocation lookup table.

New button added to the Location bar for previewing HTML displayed to users.

You can click  on the Location bar of Events Maintenance to preview the HTML displayed to users completing online event consent forms on the Community Portal.

Note: You can define the location HTML using the updated luLocation lookup table. See luLocation lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

New fields added to the Web bar.

The following fields have been added to the Web bar of Events Maintenance:

  • Show in Community Portal
  • Show in Events Portal
  • Dietary requirements relevant
  • Terms and Conditions.

Events Maintenance - Web bar

New sub-tabs added to the Web bar.

You can determine the published event information using the following sub-tabs of the Web bar of Events Maintenance.