Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab (Next Year Process)

Use the File Semester tab to define the:

  • number of reporting periods you have in a year
  • name that the reporting periods are known as at your organisation
  • term dates used with assessments and reports functions.

This task is usually performed when you install and set up Synergetic.
You can also use the File Semester tab to override the file semester definitions for specific campuses and year levels.
Reporting period values include:

  • term
  • half-term
  • semester
  • report number.

Note: The information in the grid is automatically generated when you create a new term or semester. See Creating next term details (Next Year Process). You can manually add this information in advance if required.

 Opening the File Semester tab

To open the File Semester tab:

  1. Select Module > Students > File Semester Maintenance from the main menu.
    The File Semester tab of the Student File Semester Maintenance window is displayed.
    Tip: The File Semester Maintenance option may be named differently at your organisation. For example, File Term Maintenance.

Student File Semester Maintenance - File Semester tab key fields and buttons




Number of Terms per Year

Number of reporting periods you want per year.

Override Semester Description:

  • Long
  • Short.

Name for your reporting periods. Examples include:

  • Semester
  • Term
  • Report No
  • Half-term.

Note: The Long and Short descriptions are used throughout Synergetic as your reporting period, depending on the circumstances.

Allow Override of System Term Details by Year Level

Select to enable the population of alternate term dates and portal publish dates.
Note: The Year levels area will not be visible until this checkbox is selected.

System Semester Details grid area fields




Year that the reporting period applies to.


Number of the reporting period.
Integers are used, with 1 being the first reporting period in the Year.

Actual Sem

Actual semester.
Note: The actual semester may not match the reporting period (which may be known as the term, report number, half-term or semester, depending on your organisation).

Start Date

Date that the semester/term/reporting period starts for the selected year.

End Date

Date that the semester/term/reporting period ends for the selected year.
Note: Term end dates are used within Synergetic to determine whether a student is attending during the reporting period or perhaps when submitting data to a government agency.This is important if you use assessments and reports functions.


Description of the semester, term or reporting period.

Season Type

Type of season for the selected semester, term, or reporting period. You can select either:

  • Numbered for terms or semesters based on numbers such as Semester 1.
  • Date for terms or semesters based on a date range.

    Generally, academic terms or semesters use numbered seasons, while co-curricular seasons use date-based seasons.
    This is because co-curricular seasons often do not follow typical term or semester dates. For example, in the following configuration the 2015 Winter co-curricular season overlaps multiple academic terms.

    Note: For more information about setting up co-curricular programs, see Setting up co-curricular program data in the SynWeb Co-curriculum manual.


Displays any Synergy Meaning information attached to the record. See SynergyMeanings in the System maintenance manual.

Annual Assess

Select this field for the semester or term when the results are submitted; usually term 5.
Note: Commonly used in New Zealand schools to indicate the semester used for NCEA submissions.

Rprts Prntd

Select once academic reports are printed. Once selected, the student assessment results cannot be edited in Module > Assessments > Student Results Maintenance window.
For New Zealand organisations, clear the Rprts Prntd field for the relevant term or semester to allow modification of the student's assessment standards done at another organisation. The standards are modified on the Other Standards grid on the NCEA tab of Current Student Maintenance.

See Current Student Maintenance - NCEA tab in the Current students manual.

Athr Stppd

Select to prevent staff from adjusting or modifying assessment reports. Only staff with 'Editor' permissions can modify reports.


This field displays Yes if the reporting is activated for this semester.
Note: To activate reporting for the semester, run the Create Next Semester Details program. See Creating next term details (Next Year Process).


Displays Yes if you have flagged this as the current term or semester using the Set Current button.

Publish Date

Date the result and comments are released on the Community Portal if the Community Portal is configured to use publish dates.
The results are not displayed until:

  • a date has been entered
  • the publish date is the same as today's date or later.

Comm Portal Current

Select the reporting period that is to be released to the Community Portal. Only select one reporting period.

If you select a prior reporting period, the:

  • student results for the prior reporting period are displayed
  • timetable shown would not be current, as the timetable and other information are shown for the selected file year and semester.

Year Levels area fields
Use this area if you wish to define different term dates. If overriding semester details this controls the default year and semester for staff and students in that group.
Note: Results entry now checks Year Level information for Reports printed and Author stopped selections. This allows you to exclude individual year levels from results calculation.



Display Mode

Select to display the Year Levels grid in:

  • Maintenance mode to override the reporting period details per year level
  • View Details by Year Level mode to view the reporting period dates and details for each year level.

Year Levels - Maintenance mode grid area unique fields
Note: Most of the fields are identical to the System Semester Details grid area.



Year Level

The year level the details apply to.


If selected, the reporting period details have been overridden for this year level.

Calculations Done

If selected, the result calculations have been performed for this year level.

Year Levels - View Details by Year Level mode grid area fields



Year Level

The year level the details apply to.

Current Year/Semester

The year and reporting period currently active in Synergetic.

Portal Year/Semester

The year and reporting period currently active in the Community Portal.


If selected, the details have been overridden for this year level.




Add a new reporting period.

Delete the highlighted reporting period.
Note: You cannot delete a reporting period if it is active or in use.

Set the highlighted year and term to be used as the default year and term throughout Synergetic.

Note: You will get a message when you next run Synergetic advising that the year and term is different to the default and asking whether you want to update your default setting.You can set the default file year and term by closing all Synergetic programs and selecting File > Preferences.

Set the selected reporting period to be the default for the Community Portal.

Override the reporting period details for the selected year level.

Launch Cycle Maintenance for the selected record to maintain the details of its recurring cycle. See Maintaining cycles.