Sharing a document with community members using a tag list

You can share a document with several community members using a tag list. In the following example, we are going to search for a group of students and share a document with them.
This is similar to Linking documents using a tag list.

To share a document with several community members using a tag list:

  1. Select Window > Show Tag List from the main menu.
    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Search for the community members using the relevant search window. In this example, we are searching for students in the Art class.
  3. Click .
    The selected community members are displayed in the relevant Selector grid.
  4. Right click.
    The menu is displayed for the grid.
  5. Select Tag All Records.

    The Tag List window is displayed with the community members taken from the selection grid added to it.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each group of community members to add to the tag list. 
  7. Click  when done.
  8. Click .
    A window is displayed, similar to the example below.
  9. Locate the document, spreadsheet or photo you want to import.

    If you are linking to the document, type the server and directory into the File name field using a UNC format. See the Only Store File Path field description below. 

    You can select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each file in turn. By importing several files together, you assign them the same grid information. For example, Classification.

  10. Click .
    The Source Path field is updated with the selected file names.
  11. Either:
    • select the Only Store File Path field to link to the document on the server
    • clear the Only Store File Path field to embed the document in the Synergetic database.
  12. Type in a Description for the document.
  13. Select a Document Classification.
  14. Select Add Tagged ID's.
  15. Update any other selections, if required.

  16. Click .
    The documents, or their links, are added to the tag list's available documents.

    You can review the document on the DocMan tab of the relevant maintenance window.

Import Document window key fields and buttons



Store URL

Select to enter a URL into the Source Path instead of a directory path.

Source Path

Directory path of the source document, the document name and its file extension if linked to a document on a file server or PC.
This field is not editable and is populated after you click and locate the file.

Only Store File Path

Clear this field to embed the document in the Synergetic database. The advantage is that you do not need to be concerned about the path of source documents but it does increase the size of the database.
Select this field to link the document using the Source Path. The advantage is that it minimises the size of the Synergetic database but it can introduce problems locating files if users:

  • add files from local drives
  • do not specify the server correctly
  • move files after you have imported them.

If you select this field, it is recommended that you specify the Source Path using a UNC (Universal Naming Convention) format:
\\Server\Directory\File name.Extensionwhere:

  • \\Server is the server name using a UNC format
  • \Directory is the directory path on the specified server
  • File name is the name of the document to be imported
  • Extension is the file extension of the document, such as .doc for a Microsoft Word document.


Meaningful description for the document.

Document Classification

Classification of the document.

Document classifications are maintained in the luDocumentClassification lookup table. See luDocumentClassification lookup table in the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Source Code

Source of the item. Typical examples include:

  • Archive
  • Magazine
  • Newspaper
  • School Photo.

Document sources are maintained in the luDocumentSourceCode lookup table. See luDocumentSourceCode lookup tablein the Synergetic System maintenance manual.

Source Date

Date that the source document was created.

For example, if you are importing a historical picture you might specify the date when the picture was taken.

This defaults to the current date and time for new entries.

Source Reference

Cross-reference to the source. For example the name, issue date and page of a newspaper where the photograph appeared.

Add Tagged ID's

Select to add the document to all of the tagged community records. See Linking documents using a tag list in the Introduction manual.




Browse for the document.

When you locate and select the document, the Source Path field is updated.

You may need to change the Source Path to a UNC format, so that a file server is specified. See the Only Store File Path field description above.

A UNC format allows other people to easily access the document on the server. In contrast, a document cannot be found if you mapped to the file server (say, N: drive) differently to other people (say, Z: drive).

Import the document and embed or link to either:

  • the selected community member, student or staff member depending on the maintenance function being used
  • the tagged community members, students or staff members depending on the maintenance function being used.

Cancel importing the document.