Linking documents using a tag list

You can import one or more documents and either:

  • link to the documents on a file server
  • embed them in the Synergetic database.

You can import the documents and attach them to either the:

  • Community members who have been tagged earlier, as described below.
  • Selected community member, such as a student or a staff member. See Importing one or more documents.

For a similar example, see Sharing a document with community members using a tag list.

To link a document, spreadsheet or picture to a number of different community members at once:

  1. Create a tag list containing the community members you want to link the item to. See Tagging community records for later use.
    The Tag List window is displayed.
  2. Click on the Tag List window.
    The Import Document window is displayed.
  3. Click .
    A window is displayed, similar to the example below.
  4. Locate the document, spreadsheet or photo you want to import.

    If you are linking to the document, type the server and directory into the File name field using a UNC format. See the Only Store File Path field description below. 

    You can select multiple files by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking each file in turn. By importing several files together, you assign them the same grid information. For example, Classification.

  5. Click .
    The Source Path field is updated with the selected file names.
  6. Either:
    • select the Only Store File Path field to link to the document on the server
    • clear the Only Store File Path field to embed the document in the Synergetic database.
  7. Type in a Description for the document.
  8. Select a Document Classification.
  9. Select Add Tagged ID's.
  10. Update any other selections, if required.
  11. Click .
    The documents, or their links, are added to the tag list's available documents. 

To review the document attachments:

  1. Open the DocMan tab in the module you are using. For example:
    • Select Module > Students > Community Maintenance.
    • Search for the community member.
    • Click the DocMan tab.
    The DocMan tab is displayed.
  2. Select the document that you have just added.
  3. Click .
    The list of community members that the document is attached to is displayed on the DocMan Links window.