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You can customise various aspects of the Payments tab to suit your organisation's needs.

For information about configuring online payments including configuring payment methods, payment categories, and payment receipts, see Configuring online Online payments Overview in the Synergetic Online payments manual.

: The configuration settings for EnabledFlag, MenuOrder, ParentPageName and Text are only applicable when using the Portal 6 and below render method.

What you can do

What you can do...


Determine whether credit cards are enabled as payment methods for online payments.

Determine whether direct debit is enabled as a payment method for online payments.

Determine when payments are updated in the Synergetic.

Determine whether notification emails are sent when users make online payments in the Community Portal.

Determine how many days of online receipts prior to the current day are processed during scheduled receipt creation.

Determine the bank code linked to the processing of online payments.

Determine whether the Payments tab is displayed.

Determine the position of the Payments tab on the menu bar.

Determine whether the Payments tab is displayed as the sub-tab of another tab.

Customise the title of the Payments tab.

Customise the text displayed on the Payments tab.

Customise the URL of the Payments tab.

Determine the duration (in seconds) of the countdown during which users can extend payment sessions.

Determine how often scheduled receipt creation is performed.

RunEveryXMinute configuration setting

Determine whether scheduled receipt creation is enabled.

Determine the number of minutes before the session expiry popup window is displayed to users making payments on the Community Portal.