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Use the Security tab to authorise users to run Object Maintenance and to define which objects they can maintain.

You can restrict users so that they can only maintain objects within particular areas. The way you restrict them is based on the tree structure of the objects. You either give users access to all objects, or to a particular object in the tree. When you give users access to an object in the tree, they can then maintain that object and all the objects below that branch of the tree, but nothing above that object. See Maintaining object security.

The security you define here applies to:


Object Maintenance - Security tab key fields and buttons




Name of the user.

Top Object

The top object in the tree structure that the user is allowed to access. The user will have access to all objects below this object in the tree, but no objects above. Displays:

  • the ID of the object selected
  • All Objects if the user is permitted access to all objects.


Description of the top object.

Login Name

User's login name.


Synergetic ID of the user.

User Top

Object selected as the root object by this user.

Grid area buttons



Add security for a user. See Maintaining object security.

Remove the selected user's access to Object Maintenance.

Change the Top Object for the selected user to the highlighted object.

Authorise the selected user to maintain all objects.

Search for an object and make this object the selected user's Top Object.

Launch Community Maintenance to view or update the details of the selected person.
See Maintaining community members in the Community manual.

Common buttons



Add a new object. See Creating new objects.

Delete the highlighted object.

Find an object. See Searching for objects.

Undo the last changes made in an object details field.

Move to the first, previous, next or last object of those currently displayed in the object tree.

Apply the changes to the object.

Close the window.