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Use the Attendance tab to display class attendance or absence records for the student.

Attendance and absences are recorded using the Attendance function. See Attendance and absence events Overview in the Attendance and absence events manual.

You can filter the attendance details displayed for the student based on:


Current Student Maintenance - Attendance tab key fields and buttons




Limit records to the class specified.

Year and

Defaults to the current year and term. Change if required.


Display the student's class attendance details for the date specified.
In the following example, a student's attendance at four classes has been marked for 14/7/08. These can be viewed by selecting a:

  • Date of 14/07/2008
  • Show mode of All.


Select the records to be displayed based on one of the following:

  • attendance
  • nonattendance
  • all records.

In the following example, Not Attended has been selected. Only the attendance records where the student has been marked absent for the date are displayed.
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Refresh the attendance records displayed using the current selections, if you think that the database has been updated.

Grid area fields
For further details on the following fields, see Attendance window in the Attendance and absence events manual.




Date of the attendance record.


Period of the attendance record.


Whether or not the student was present. An:

  • attendance is displayed with a symbol
  • absence is displayed with a symbol.


Class attended.

Poss Absence Code

Absence code, if applicable.

Treated as a possible absence, as is usually entered by the teacher based on information to hand.

Poss Description

Possible absence description, if applicable.

Late Arrive

Whether or not the student was marked as having arrived late to class.


Time the student arrived, if late.

Early Depart

Whether or not the student was marked as having left early from their class.


Time the student left, if departing early.

User-defined fields

Display up to five additional user-defined fields (columns) in the grid area.
For example, on the Attendance window you can set the flags to mark whether homework has been submitted or not, merit points have been awarded or demerit points have been given to a student during class.
In the following example, Angelo Adamski has turned in his homework and also received a merit point during the class.

These are displayed on the Attendance tab of Current Student Maintenance for Angelo Adamski on the selected date.

Also, see Attendance window in the Attendance and absence events manual.