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Use the Status sub-tab to maintain current and next year status, including dates when the student is leaving and possibly returning.


Current Student Maintenance - School tab - Status sub-tab key fields





Student's status. Typical values include:

  • Exchange
  • Leaving
  • Left
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • New Student
  • Normal
  • Repeating
  • Exempt
  • External.

These values are defined by your organisation. See luStudentStatus lookup table in the System maintenance manual. See Creating new academic years in the Curriculum manual.

Note: You can maintain subscriptions for the following Action Centre messages to notify users when students are marked as leaving or left.

See Group_User Security Maintenance - Groups View in the System maintenance manual.

Note: Leave of absence students are not transferred from current students to past students.When a leave of absence student returns, change their status back to normal, and clear the leaving and returning date fields.

Leaving Date

Date the student left your organisation if applicable.

Note: Students either appear on reports or not based on their leaving date.You can use this field when transferring current students to past students. See Transferring a group of current students to past students in the Current students or Next year process manual.

For NZ MOE roll returns:

  • The Leaving Date is used for the student's date of last attendance.
  • School leavers whose Reason is L (end of schooling), E (granted early exemption) or X (expelled) must have a Leaving Date between 1st March last year and 28th February of the current year (inclusive).
    The Important Data Change window is displayed when the field is changed in New Zealand schools.

    Enter the reason for the change in the Reason for Change field. This is required by the NZMOE auditors. Changes can be previewed on the Student Change of Status Report (For Roll Returns).

Note: If the student's status is set as Leaving and a date is entered in this field, once this date has passed their status is automatically changed to Left.


Reason the student left your organisation, if applicable.
For roll returns, the Reason is important as many of the roll return errors depend on this field to determine whether a student is still attending or whether they have left. See Reason for leaving in the Roll returns manual.

Nxt Yr Status

Student's status for the next school year. Values include:

  • Exchange
  • Leaving
  • Left
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)
  • New Student
  • Normal
  • Repeating.

Note: Only select if the student's status is unusual. For example, a student leaving the school at the end of Year 10. In most cases (based on the luYearLevel lookup table), Year 12 students are automatically assumed to be leaving. See Creating next semester or term details in the Curriculum manual.

Returning Date

Select the student's return date if the student is on leave of absence in the current or next academic year.

Leaving Dest

Student's destination after they leave your organisation. For example their new school or employer's details.

O'ride Nxt Yr Campus

Specify next year's campus, only if different from the current campus.

Next Year Level

Level that the student is attending next year.

Note: Use to override the default next year level.

Next Yr Boarder

Specify next year's boarding arrangements if different from this year's.

Post School Activity

Intended activity of the student after leaving your organisation.

This is used for NZ MOE roll returns. This only applies if the Reason is either:

  • L (end of schooling), O (gone overseas) or X (expelled), and they are over 16 years of age
  • E (early exemption) and they are 15. See Post school activity in the Roll returns manual.

Intended Tertiary Course

Tertiary course that the student is intending to undertake.

This is usually the course offered to the student by the tertiary admissions organisation, based on the graduating student's preferences.

Note: We recommend you standardise on the codes your tertiary admissions organisation uses.

Note: The tertiary course is maintained in the luTertiaryCourse lookup table. See luTertiaryCourse lookup table in the System maintenance manual.

Tip: If the entry needs adding and you have security access, right click on this field and select Add New Lookup Table Entry.

Add the code and description for the course and click .

Intended Tertiary Qualification

Tertiary qualification that the student intends achieving after leaving school. For example, for the tertiary course example used above, the entry could be BE/BSc or Bachelor of Engineering/Bachelor of Science.