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  • manually input data into the Student Attendance (STATS) system for each day, month or for the entire reporting period
  • submit a CSV file of their attendance records.

Note: Synergetic DEEWR reports student attendance reports are submitted through the Student Attendance (STATS) application located on the Schools Service Point (SSP) website. See

Configuring DEEWR student attendance exports

Synergetic can create a DEEWR CSV file for your organisation to submit. To ensure your attendance records are correctly calculated and exported, you must:

Creating the DEEWR student attendance export file

To create a DEEWR student attendance export CSV file, you can use either:


the STATS tab of the Import/Export Student Data window




See /wiki/spaces/SYNMAIN/pages/2294714337 in the Current students manualSee Import_Export Student Data - STATS tab.